As Coal City Elementary School teacher Stephanie Vahle-Reck notes, the  week of Thanksgiving is always a short week for students, so this year she wanted to try something new with her class.

“I asked each student to bring in their favorite snack or treat to share with the class. From this idea, Classgiving was born,” she said.

Along with each student bringing a goodie to share, the students made placemats and turkey crowns to wear for the day. The students were so excited to tell each other what they brought and pass them out to their friends and teachers. They were so grateful and used their manners of waiting till everyone had their snack and saying please/thank you.

“We had a feast of cookies, pretzels, donuts, apple cider, Goldfish, Cheetos, fruit snacks, and cheese puffs,” the teacher shared. 

“Everyone had a great feast and enjoyed their time with their friends. I think Classgiving will become a yearly tradition for my students,” Vahle-Reck said.