Our School » Coal City Elementary School: Week of May 27th / Summer

Coal City Elementary School: Week of May 27th / Summer

And just like that...
the 2023-24 school year comes to a close!
We have a three day weekend and then return on Tuesday, May 28th for the last day of school. Tuesday is a 1:35 dismissal and also our Carnival Day. 
Please contact the nurse to make arrangements to pick up any left over medication. 
The online registration for the 2024-25 school year is now open. The information can be accessed through the district website. If you need assistance with registration, the district office will host the walk-in registration dates on: 
Thursday, July 11th from 7:30-10:30
Tuesday, July 16th from 4:30-6:30
We have had an amazing school year!
We are wishing all of our Third Graders the best of luck next year at the Intermediate School. We are looking forward to seeing all of the Second Graders in the fall. 
Thanks for being our partner in education this past school year. 
We hope you have an amazing summer!
Week at a Glance
Monday, May 27th:
~ No School - Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 28th:
~ 'X' Day
~ Carnival Day
~ 1:35 Dismissal
Wednesday, May 29th:
~ Summer Break Begins
Communication Survey

A communication plan is being designed to ensure Coal City Community Unit School District 1 families and stakeholders receive credible information in a timely, transparent and cohesive manner so they can be fully informed on the academic, extra-curricular and operational activities of the school community. I ask that you take a minute or two to complete a survey related to district communications. Information gathered from the following survey will be used to improve and enhance district communications.

The survey can be accessed at: https://tinyurl.com/CCU1comsurvey

Dates to remember
  • May 27th: No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 28th: 1:35 Dismissal - Student Last Day of Attendance
  • May 29th: Have a Great Summer!!
  • August 14th: 1st Day of School
Smart Phones and Watches
Smart devices
We know that many of our students have cell phones and even smart watches or devices which they can use to make calls.
We ask that all of our students put their phones away during the day and refrain from using smart devices to make calls.
Please remember to call the office if you need to get a message to your child. We will gladly help you out. 
Also, if a child is not feeling well, they need to see the nurse so she can make the decision if the child should go home and then our office will give you a call. 
We appreciate your help and cooperation. 
This year we are using RevTrak instead of EZPay for lunch accounts fees, etc. Here is the link for RevTrak:
Importance of Attendance
1.  Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year.  Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school.
2.  Chronic absence appears to have doubled by the end of the 2021-2022 school year.  We estimate that it now affects nearly one out of three students.
3.  Absenteeism and its ill effects start early.
4.  Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back.
5.  By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.
6.  Research shows that missing 10% of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student's academic performance.  That's just two days a month and that's known as chronic absence.
7.  Students who live in communities with high levels of poverty are four times more likely to be chronically absent than others often for reasons beyond their control, such as unstable housing, unreliable transportation and lack of access to health care.
8.  When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating.
9.  Attendance improves when schools engage students and parents in positive ways and when schools provide mentors for chronically absent students.
10.  Most school district and states don't look at all the right data to improve school attendance.  They track how many students show up every day and how many are skipping school without an excuse, but not how many are missing so many days in excused and unexcused absence that they are headed off track academically.
Coal City School District sends attendance letters when a student misses 5 days, 9 days, 15 days, and 20 days.  The attendance letters are a notification as to how many days your student has missed.  A student is considered a "chronic truant" after 9 missed school days without a valid reason.  The count does not include excused absences.   If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the main office at (815) 634-2334.  
Attendance Matters!

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures



Remember W. Second Street is a one way street going east.

Drop off and pickup will be on the south side of the building on W. Second Street at Door #4. For the safety of all of the children that are being dropped off and picked up, please pull into the no parking zone (parallel to the road) and let your child exit the vehicle. We ask that you then exit the spot and pull

forward onto the street again.

Parents: Please do not exit your vehicle this year, as it will be a continuous drop and go lane.



Pickup will also be along W. Second Street. It will be a pick up and go as well. There will be no parking, so the first several cars will be pulling into the no parking zone and waiting until dismissal.

Parents: Please do not exit your vehicle this year, as it will be a continuous pick up and go lane.

We ask that the cars pull in and pull all the way up to the parking lot.

From there, cars will pull in as cars leave. Teachers will be out with their classrooms making sure that students are getting into their parents vehicle in a safe manner.


School Buses

Students riding a bus to school get dropped off on the North side of the building. Staff is always visible when students enter and leave the building. If you need assistance with bussing, please contact the bus company: 815/634-0333.




School Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch information may be found at the following link:




Lockers & Cubbies

Students in the gold hallway (Egan, Friddle, Hamilton, Skubic, Smolik, Vironda, Watson, Wiltz)) will have lockers. Students in the green hallway (Bormet, Foley, Forkal, Hanley, Smith, Terrel) will have cubbies in their classroom.



Water Bottles

Please have your child bring a full, labeled water bottle with them to school each day or to leave at school. We have two water bottle filling stations that will be utilized for refilling when necessary.




This year we will again be offering Music and Art all year long. The students will follow an ABCDE schedule with Physical Education every day and Art once a week for an hour and Music twice a week. Specials classes do not switch at the trimester.


Coal City Elementary 
300 N. Broadway